11 July 2016

The World Cup Horse Boarding

It's like wake boarding but pulled throught the surf by a giant horse

Last year we introduced the planet to a new sport; horse boarding. Many people (and horses) loved it, so we decided to organize a world championship in it; the World Cup Horse Boarding. Que? You ask. Yes. It’s like wakeboarding, but pulled through the surf by a horse – preferably in your A-dam boxers. This year we took the World Cup Horse Boarding to a whole new level. We doubled the runs, expanded the track and invited the ballsiest boarders – both male and female – to compete.

It's like wake boarding but pulled by a horse

We invented horse boarding when we were dreaming up our very first brand movie. We thought it would be funny to see one of our founders try to wake board behind a horse – but never imagined it would ever really work – or be fun. It was a cold, harsh, horrible day at the beach – and we felt genuinely sorry for Steve he had to strip down to his underwear and pretend to have fun. But he actually loved it. He instantly forgot the freezing temperature. He completely forgot about his aching back. And so we realized we’d invented a magical, new sport…