3 October 2016

Merijn Kavelaars short film

A short documentary film about artist Merijn Kavelaars painting his way through the streets of Shanghai

Normally we make films where we do something strange, and we say you can do anything as long as you dare; if you’ve got balls. But our motto means more than that. It also means that you can achieve anything – as long as you believe in yourself. If you listen to yourself. If you follow your heart. If you make your dreams come true.

About three years ago, artist Merijn Kavelaars decided to move to the other end of the globe and start a life anew. With just a few brushes and canvasses, he started painting his way through the streets of Shanghai. We found Merijn’s message very inspiring and felt we needed to share his story with as many people as possible, which resulted in this short documentary.

If something goes wrong, it's perfect because it goes wrong.

The documentary shows Merijn’s process of growth – both as a human being as an artist. Merijn didn’t speak a word of Chinese, had no studio, no contacts and no idea of how things worked. By painting murals, he gradually made the city his own. He started painting and exposing his art, earning his place and his living in a new world. Enjoy!