8 September 2017

Beers and Boxers

A-dam X Two Chefs Brewing

We love a beer. Or better yet; infinite quantities of beer. So when our friends at Two Chefs Brewing invited us over to show us their brand new brewing installation, we knew we were on to something good. Real good. They handed us a multitude of Tropical Ralphies – a special beer with a tropical taste – and we instantly knew we had discovered what many men have been searching for all their lives: the ingredients to assemble the perfect gift box.

We were then introduced to a happy looking fellow named Ralph – who rather strongly resembled the character on the labels stickered to the bottles in our hands.

We quickly discovered that Ralph has a habit of taking off his clothes and suddenly starting to breakdance – in his undies. Which were bright red. Having just designed Rens – a fiery red boxer brief with a pattern of white swallows – we knew we had distilled the bare essentials for men with character.

We decided that our gift box must come with a challenge. And a substantial prize, of course. First the challenge. One must find a nice place – like the edge of a cliff – wear nothing but Rens, pop open a Tropical Ralphie (or two) and take a picture showing all of the above.

The most original pictures have the opportunity to win the ultimate prize: One year of free beers and boxers! Yay! Party! Please note that our box of Beers and Boxers is becoming more exclusive by the hour. We’re talking about a limited edition of 100 pieces.

So get yours. Today.