5 September 2016

The art of underwear creation

Our design process is time consuming, overwhelmingly intense and unreasonably painful

We have literally put our butts on the line to design the greatest boxers ever known to mankind. Paintball gun pattern-making is a painful process – and quite difficult to master.

It's a painful process

This is a bit of a strange story. We were filming our brand movie and decided to do a joke about the design process. We wanted to create a very arty atmosphere, as were Adam a painter at work in his atelier. But Adam doesn’t use brushes and paint from a can. No. And in order to really get the right results, he needs to make his artwork right on the canvas; real guys wearing white briefs. We asked a few friends to help us out. It was a nice and sunny day. Everybody was happy. But then the director told us we were actually going to shoot them. With real paintballs. With a real a paintball gun.